how we do things

The simple process of how we bring deals and freebies to you.

  1. We search the web high and low for deals and freebies.
  2. All findings are then passed on to you through this blog, which is also shared on our facebook page. Always with the original source information and url.
  3. Only then, if you wish to pursue a deal or freebie – click on the link(s), fill-in the required information necessary and click send for your request.
  4. From time to time we will post reviews on products that we have either received from a deal or freebie or even on a product we paid the full price for. However, we, the publishers of Deals & Freebies Galore have not been given any type of monetary compensation for the writing of these reviews; nor did we receive any other type of profit or gain for these articles. Any products reviewed were not sent for reviewing, and these companies or businesses do not endorse them.


Q: Do you, Deals & Freebies Galore give away anything?

A: No. We do not give away anything. We simply find companies or small businesses who are offering deals or freebies and connect you to them.

Q: What happens if I request a deal or freebie and do not receive it?

A: Unfortunately, it happens. If you are concerned you may want to contact the company or business who offered the deal or freebie, and ask them (nicely, of course) what may have happened. For the most part, we strongly recommend this method since it helps to connect companies and concerned consumers with a positive outcome through communication. Although, sending any company or individual an email of concern may not always be successful no matter how popular or widely known a company or individual business is. Therefore, it is not recommended to send more than one email of concern if you do not receive a response. However, it’s safe to say that if a company cares about its consumers and what they have to ask or say they will reply. If you so choose to contact a company or business give them a week to reply at the very least.

If  by chance we encounter a company or business that does not produce what they have promised to offer, we reserve the right not to share any future offers (specifically, if the offer stays the same with multiple reports of the company not delivering on their offer). This is for the safety of all and to help stop the collecting of information not being used for the purpose for which it was intended.

Q: Are the products you review always in your own opinion?

A: Yes. Always. We neither gain nor lose by reviewing products we receive for free or wish to review out of the blue. If anything the companies are gaining from our feedback which is also a form of free advertising for them. So regardless of what we express; the opinions are solely the publishers honest truth based on their personal experience with the product. The opinions stated are not indicators of how the product generally functions or performs. So keep in mind that what may work or not work for us may work for you and vice versa.

We are not responsible for anything we post, and we don’t guarantee you will get everything you request.

PLEASE READ: Some offers may require that you verify that you are who you say you are with an email reply to your request.  This is how companies and businesses weed out a lot of the spam and scam bots (yes, they still exist, sadly). All you need to do for them to send you the deal or freebie is verified by clicking on a link and proceeding with any information necessary for them to send in your request. While we are not responsible for anything we post please take caution and make sure that the email sent to you is not a scam. The same applies for random messages that may not make it directly to your spam box claiming you have won (insert whatever your heart desires here). Unless, you are aware and waiting to find out via email if you’ve won or should be receiving anything do not open, and promptly delete or send to your spam folder. And as a reminder if anyone asks for personal information such as your Banking or Credit Card numbers,  DL (Drivers License) or even your Social Security Number EXIT the screen and do not continue forward with the email or form.


*The content on this page is subject to change. We reserve the right to update and modify as we see fit.


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