Gleam Genie (the floor cleaner)

As much as I love hunting for deals and freebies I also enjoy experimenting. And sometimes to survive being a stay at home wife and the tasks of up-keeping my home I have to bribe myself with a bit of excitement. In which case this often revolve around a chore I dread taking on at the moment kind of experiment. For instance the chore I dread at the moment is mopping… Just the idea of sweeping, vacuuming and then mopping exhausts me.

Though in all honesty I set out seeking a different type of diy to get a weird funky odor out of my shirt since rinsing with vinegar had no longer done the trick. That experiment however  is for another day.

Back to how I stumbled across this oh so wonderful floor cleaning concoction! You see I wanted something that would be inexpensive, effective and free of all the nasty stuff like fragrances that often times are overwhelming. That’s when I stumbled across the miracles of hydrogen peroxide. Did you know that peroxide is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold and anti-mildew? I didn’t! Talk about liquid gold in my humble opinion. No wonder folks just stick a spray nozzle in the bottle and go to town cleaning. However, I continued to google and pinterest the stuff like nobodies business. When I felt at ease with confidence with the information I had found I decided to do a little search on lemons and limes with H202. During my search I learned that apparently lemons are a good deterrent for ants, fleas and cockroaches. A plus for me as I have two pooches who from time to time bring in fleas from runaway dogs in the neighborhood. I was sold on the idea of mixing the two and my floor cleaner was born.

Now, for the Gleam Genie (the floor cleaner). I have to say that this cleaning concoction was made up of my findings found on the internet through various resources. None of the products within my recipe are endorsed by their representing brands. And I will do my best to lead you to resources to buy these products if you do not already have them available. I do hope that you will enjoy this recipe and do a little experimenting of your own. Got a cleaning recipe you’d like to share leave us a comment below!


Gleam Genie (the floor cleaner) Recipe

You’ll need a bottle with a nozzle, a measuring cup, measuring spoon
and a citrus juicer.

1/2 cup of Lemon Juice

1 full cup of Hydrogen Peroxide
(3% or food grade)

1 tbsp of Dawn

1/2 cup Hot Water

Combine all ingredients into bottle. Spray directing onto floor. Use a damp mop or sponge to clean surface.

Rinse mop or sponge and repeat as needed. Keep any remaining Gleam Genie mix in a safe place, shake before each use.

*May substitute lemon juice with lemon essential oil.



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